1 Hour  1 Room  1 Exit

196 W Ridge Pike Suite 148, Linfield, PA 19468

All Rooms Are Private

Detention Escape Room


You’ve been caught! You must serve a 1-hour DETENTION. Can you escape before Principal Vernon returns? Or will you be stuck with The Brain, The Princess, The Athlete, The Basket Case and The Criminal?

The Bunker

Our WWII French bunker, used by the French resistence during the German occupation, can you escape before you are caught? Historically based, with genuine time period items! Viva la France!This is a moderate difficulty game.

(children under 13 MUST be accompanied by an adult over 18)

Escape room Limerick, PA

Escape Room & Entertainment

Imagine yourself locked in a room and given 1 hour to escape! Intellectually challenged by clues, pictures, words, numbers, riddles, locks, keys, codes, puzzles, interactive technology, surprising visitors and a common goal you attempt to escape. These dynamic themed rooms have been designed to alert your intuitions, activate your competitive side, test your intellect and leave you laughing.

This team building exercise is not only entertaining, but it will help build morale and keep your team or organization working together. Bring your team to our Limerick location to get started!

If you are looking for a place to eat or meet before or after your team building escape, we have many options for you in town (within walking distance). Please contact them directly for inquiries and reservations.

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